Welcome to the prescription eyeglasses affiliate program!

About the program

Our program allows you to earn the industry highest payout (15%) on the leads you generate. You can refer friends, place links on your websites and blogs or even advertise on other networks. We will pay you 15% of what your sale generate.
On an average order of $100, that equals $15 paid to you for that referral. If you send 100 orders a month, that is a supplemental income of $1,500.

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Our main website which features all of our products, including sunglasses, eyeglasses, and even eyeglass lens replacement services for the end consumer. The simplicity of the website and ease of finding the products the consumer is searching for allows this website to maintain an average conversion rate of 1:20 on targeted traffic and 1:50 on generalized traffic.

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Our sister website, obtained from a well known optical store has been refined for the low end consumer who is shopping on a budget. Even though the products are similar to our main website the structure of the website is geared towards the cheap eyeglasses buying consumer. Customers can still find name brand items on this website as well as a link back to our lens replacement service.

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